Pożegnanie z Gemmą

2173 stars
Katy Gardner

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Title Pożegnanie z Gemmą
Rating 2173 stars
Author Katy Gardner
Pages 200
Isbn 837245972X
Review From the back cover:This is the story of Gemma and me: how I lost her, I suppose. I don't usually tell it to anyone but myself; I save it for the darkest moments.I'll start at the place I thought was the beginning but now I know was near the end. I was pretty full of myself back then; I thought life was a cinch, that everything I did was charmed and charming. I was twenty-three. I was beautiful and successful...I was going to hurl myself at the world and see what happened.Gemma never pushed herself anywhere. Dear, muddle-headed Gemma, with whom I was about to embark on the journey of my dreams: she so often got unnerved by situations which I relished with glee. now that we were here I would have to help her cope. I had planned it all; we would travel according to chance, real adventurers, journeying to whereever fate decreed. I tossed our guidebook high above my head, its pages fluttering wildly as a myriad of possibilities flicked past. Then suddenly it came crashing down, our fate decided.I could have stopped it. I could have turned the pages with my own hands and changed everything. But innocent of all that was to come, I let it fall.Gemma was dead, and it was all my fault.
I am sorry to say I was not interested in the tragedy that was to befall poor Gemma. I put this book down after about 70 pages. I will bring this to a meet-up and probably encourage no one to bring this home with them.


Não é mau. A história desenrola-se com naturalidade, surpreende o suficiente para ser interessante e uma leitura agradável (embora não muito marcante). Não gostei muito da forma como estava escrita, mas como é uma tradução não poderei dizer se a falha é da escritora ou da tradutora. Mas apesar de tudo o principal motivo para não gostar deste livro tanto como talvez merecia foi não me ter sentido envolvida pelas personagens, embora me identifica-se em alguns aspectos faltava alguma coisa embora não consiga dizer precisamente o quê que as tornou frias.

Concluindo, vale a pena ler quando se encontra a 10€ nos saldos de uma livraria, como foi o meu caso.

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